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About Us

Castle Co. Turkey is an international trading company which is doing import & export activities. Presently, we are exporting from Turkey mainly textile, building materials, food & beverages, iron & steel products. We gladly provide first quality materials from Turkey for your requirements.

We also work as distributor or partner in Turkey for companies from outside to distribute their products to Turkey. We are your reliable partner for many sectors and products in Turkey.

We are open to do business for export & import activities globally. We can provide the products you require with competitive prices. Also, we gladly support you to enter your products into Turkish market.

We aim for the best

We are professionals

We have the required experience, know-how and assets necessary to please our customers and partners. We increase our competitive capacity through globally approved implementations and initiatives.  We make a difference with our own way of doing business.

We aim at happiness and we accomplish this goal

Our work on a result-oriented basis and we insist to do the right things. We achieve happiness with all members and partners by doing the right things. We aim high and focus on ultimate goals with our partners while doing business. We see the background, take responsibility, action and work with high motivation. We are aware of the strategy and direction of our company and we apply these in every decision and action we take.

We chase the innovation

We are enthusiastic, participative and cooperative. We know the necessary requirements of the world and support innovative ideas and initiatives. We think, enjoy solving problems and creating opportunities. We do not like routine, we love exceptions. We are not afraid of making mistakes. We are dedicated to work constantly to make many differences.

We love continuous improvement

We work in a business culture aiming continously improvement. We reward our members who continuously improve and make a difference. We admire their high performance and passion to please all ou partners.