Boronmax Auto Oil Additive

Boronmax ® energy efficiency products (EEP), with their nano-sized hexagonal boron nitride content, attach to the surface of these parts and completely cover these rough surfaces, lowering energy consumption by eliminating friction and wear. Bortek EEP are used in various applications from automotive to industry.

Field and laboratory tests conducted by various national and international instutitions and labaratories show that, applications where Boronmax ® is used; there had been a tremendous decrease in friciton and increase in material strength. For example, 4-Ball test which is done according to ASTM standards showed that usage of Boronmax ® has decreased friction coefficient by 14% and increased material strength by 20%. As a result of these measurements made on the disc of material wear rate was observed to decrease by 60%.

In various laboratory and field tests, it has been observed that Boronmax ® products which prevents energy loss by minimizing friction has provided an average fuel savings of up to 12%.

BoronMax Products:

  • Boronmax ® for Engines
  • Boronmax ® for Transmission
  • Boronmax ® for Gearboxes
  • Boronmax ® for Marine applications
  • Boronmax ® for Wind Turbines
  • Boronmax ® Performance Grease
  • Boronmax ® Mold Release

Benefits Of BoronMax

  • Minimizes wear
  • Decreases fuel consumption
  • Decreases emission and protects environment
  • Increases engine performance
  • Increases engine life
  • Provides quite run for engines

Test results which are obtained by numerous tests performed by universities in different countries, accredited laboratories, and also results from various field tests and customer feedback show that Boronmax ® EEP for engines decreases fuel consumption by 5-20 and for vehicles equipped with LPG up to 20%.

Boronmax ® transmission products visibly reduce friction, helps to run the transmission quieter, and provides smooth transition

Boronmax ® for Gearboxes are used in all industrial gear applications where friction is a major problem. Thanks to its capability to reduce friction, it reduces energy consumption, decreases temperature and increases performance. Independent laboratories, various plants and tests that are done by different OEMs support these benefits.

Boronmax ® for marine applications, significantly brings down one of the most important cost item; fuel cost by providing energy savings in fuel consumption.

Boronmax ® W, wind turbine products, are tested in wind turbines in different regions and results proved that W products significantly prevented problems due to friction, extended maintanance period and dropped the operational temperature down. These features make Boronmax ® W a preffered product by manufacturers and operators thanks to its contribution in increasing the working hours , minimizing energy losses, increasing energy produced and reducing maintenance costs.

Boronmax ® performance greases are especially produced for applications which are exposed to extreme conditions such as high temperature and load. Performance greases have demonstrated high performance levels at various field tests done for different applications where high temperature, high pressure and moist were present. It has been also oberved that operational performance and energy savings have been significantly increased and maintanance costs are decreased.