Wpc Panels For Decks

Wooden-pvc composite panels that can be easily used in indoor and outdoor ground coverings is as natural and esthetical as wooden. Also it can be used for long years without requiring maintenance.

It is resistant to all climatic conditions, its installation is easy, it does not oxidize and it can be applied easily for every design. With its extensive profiles, it includes all equipments (flooring profiles, edge coverings) needed in any projects.

Depending upon the demand, there is a seal option that is produced specific to prevent leakage of bacteria, water and dirt inside the area under the floor.

It can be easily used in gardens, pool sides, cafes and restaurants, walking trails and bridges and in many ground applications. You can use wpc panels for these works:

  • Deck Applications
  • Siding Applications
  • Pergola Applications
  • Fence Applications
  • Flower Pot Applications
  • Bench Applications

Siding profiles provide long standing solutions with its neutrality and isolation capacity. It is not influenced by environmental factors such as water, abrasion, impacts, mold and fungi. It is antibacterial, it does not get mossy, it prevents slides, and it does not require paint and maintenance. Under all climatic conditions, it maintains its physical properties and it does not fade.

You can create designs in wooden warm and grace. It is very compatible with its natural view in every where nature and green exist. Thanks to its long lived material, it is possible to generate confined and open places, it can be used under all climatic conditions and its installation is easy.